Low cost of royal enfield service in Madurai

The cost of a full motorbike service depends on the size of your engine and the specific pricing of your chosen garage in New Asian Motors

Motorcycle servicing costs at an independent garage may be less than motorcycle services costs at a garage which is part of a nationwide or regional chain, because the latter has larger operating costs for things like marketing and city centre business rates. And unlike some small garages, chains will need to pay VAT. Low cost of royal enfield service in Madurai have All India Customers in Our Service Center. Provide the Best Service Quality And Always Expect The Good Customer Satisfaction.

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MOTs: What are common defects?

Lights and reflectors: During an MOT nearly two in five defects - and half of all major defects - relate to lamps and reflectors. Your lamps will need to be in good working order, securely fitted, the right colour, and angled in the correct direction.

Steering and suspension: Problems with steering and suspension are also common: this encompasses forks, handlebars, grips, mountings, head bearings, swinging arm, shock absorbers, and damping effect.

Tyres and wheels: Around a tenth of defects relate to tyres, while only 1% concern wheels. Any issue with a tyre is very serious, and historically in MOT scenarios 37% of tyre issues are deemed ‘dangerous’. Tyres must be securely fitted and of the correct type, while tread depth must be 1mm+ on motorbikes over 50cc. The condition of the valves and the wheel bearings must also be satisfactory.

Braking: Brake issues account for just under one in five MOT defects, with around a third of these classed as “dangerous”. Brake hoses, disc brakes, pads shoes and ABS warning lights (if present) must all be in good working order.

You can be sure that you will go home with a big smile on your face, and with a bike that has not seen that kind of love in a long time. After all, these bikes are meant to last (almost) forever, and Low cost of royal enfield service in Madurai want you coming back for more of our special treatment.